MAXTRAX Recovery Kit - Bush

    MAXTRAX Recovery Kit - Bush

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    MAXTRAX now presents the complete Recovery Kit. Don’t get stuck miles from nowhere! The Bush Kit is geared for bush tracks - where you don’t always have much room to play with. Each kit contains a variety of rope lengths - connect them with core shackles to lengthen them according to how much space you have. 


    Each MAXTRAX Bush Kit Includes: 

    1 x MAXTRAX Recovery Kit Bag 

    2 x MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle 

    5 x MAXTRAX Core Shackle 

    1 x MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope (2m)

    1 x MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope (3m) 

    1 x MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope (5m) 

    1 x MAXTRAX Static Rope (3m) 

    1 x MAXTRAX Rope Dampener 

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