Victron BMV Basic Setup Guide

# Description AGM LiFePO4 Notes
1 Battery Bank Size (Ah) - Ah - Ah -
2 Charged Voltages - -
(.2V below Float voltage or .2V below Absorption if solar used)
3 Tail Current 3.0 - 1.0 1.0 
Minimum amperage before the unit will reach 100% SOC (percentage of battery bank in amps) For battery banks smaller than 200Ah with large chargers 2.0-3.0 would be recommended.
4 Charge Detection Time 3 Mins 3 Mins
How long system needs to sit below tail current to reach 100% SOC
5 Peukets 1.25 1.1 Battery condition as battery ages
6 Charge Efficiency 90% 95%
How efficiently battery charge/recharge
7 Alarm Function On On
Allows functionality of alarm functions
8 Low SOC Alarm 40% 20% Low State Of Charge Alarm
9 Clear Low SOC Alarm 45% 25%
Normally 5% higher than Low SOC Alarm
10 Low Voltage Alarm 11.2V 12.0V Low Voltage Alarm Trigger Voltage
11 Clear Low Voltage Alarm 11.6V 12.4V Usually .4V higher then Low Voltage Alarm
12 High Voltage Alarm 15.2V 15.0V Dependant on battery type and specs of battery
13 Clear High Voltage Alarm 14.8V 14.6V Normally set .4V below High Voltage Alarm


Once the above settings have been programmed into your BMV device, leave the monitor for around 30 seconds, this will allow the monitor to go back to the main screen and allow it to be used in normal mode rather than setup mode.

On new installations the monitor will show 100% SOC when you first go back to the main screen, this is a default screen and the monitor will need to go through a full charge cycle before it will show a completely accurate 100% SOC.

If you'd like to add any other functions or settings refer to the Victron Owners manual that came with your Monitor or for an online version click here

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