Lithium Batteries are Better than AGM's

In true Positive Auto Power style we only use A grade equipment, therefore when we set out to find a supplier for our lithium batteries we decided upon Deep Cycle Systems. DCS are at the forefront of LiFePO4 battery manufacturing. Don’t be fooled by our competitors saying that charging direct from the alternator for your new lithium battery is going to harm it, they just aren’t as advanced as us yet. But hey, they’ll catch up right? Eventually... Our lithium batteries have a 3 year under bonnet replacement warranty, so none of this pro-rata junk, if your battery is buggered in the warranty period we’ll have it replaced.

What are the advantages of lithium batteries over the old AGM’s? 

  • WEIGHT, our 100AH lithium’s weighs in at around 13kg, where as your standard AGM battery will weigh in at roughly 30-32kg
  • CAPACITY, a lithium battery has around double the useable amp hours compared to AGM’s, for instance a 100Ah lithium is equivalent to a 170Ah AGM.
  • CHARGING, with the design of the BMS in our lithium batteries they are able to take higher charging currents, up to 100A charge current for our 100Ah lithium and up to a whopping 200A charge current for our 200Ah slimline batteries. Meaning at full charge rate you can have your battery fully charged from dead flat in roughly an hour!
  • DISCHARGING, comparing lithium’s to AGM’s in the sense of discharging is like night and day. Running a high powered inverter for your creature comforts? No worries at all, lithium batteries have the ability to run high amperage items without damaging the battery cells. Even your caravan’s air-conditioning system can be run from lithium batteries! Who would have ever thought that would be possible!
  • COST, the biggest factor of lithium systems. Lets dive into the maths of it all.
    • $400 - $500 170Ah AGM - roughly 600 cycle life @ 50% discharge depth. Therefore you’ll have 51,000 useable Amp Hours out of your AGM battery for roughly $450
    • $1299 100Ah Lithium – 2500 cycle life @ 100% discharge depth. Therefore you’ll have 250,000 useable Amp Hours out of your Lithium battery for $1299.
    • To get the same useable amp hours out of the batteries, lithium is going to cost you ½ as much as AGM is.

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