LC200 Rear Light Install Guide

  1. Remove upper rear door trims, start around the brake light and then remove the two side pieces and the lower piece, these pieces all just have clips that will pop out with a pull.

  2. Run cable for rear light through the door and up the drives side to the brake light area and then feed through the rubber boot on the drivers side that connects the rear door to the car.

  3. Once cable is fed through the boot, bring cable out between the roof carpet and the roof skin, you’ll need to remove the rear door seal for this, just peel it away.

  4. Remove the rear-most interior light, this is done by placing a small flat blade or an interior trim removal tool into the little slots and removing the clear diffuser, then you’ll see two small tabs on a diagonal from each-other, squeeze these tabs towards the inside of the light to release the clips.

  5. Once the light is removed, feed a piece of wire from the back of the car, (where the cable of the light is currently waiting, to the rear light, this is a bit time consuming but is not difficult. Tape cable onto wire and pull cable through to the light.

  6. Use the two connectors supplied to join the cables to the original factory wiring.

  7. The RED wire of our light kit must join to the RED factory Wire and the black cable must join to the black/white wire.