TowPro Elite V3 Install Guide

Positive Auto Power offers two different universal wiring kits (one has a longer loom than the other, for instances where the vehicle battery is on the opposite side on the vehicle to the main wire run)

For some models of cars there are remote head switch inserts available to give a factory-look to your install.

Lets Get Started:

Firstly, you’ll need to run the longer piece of cable from inside the cabin, down to the trailer plug. The easiest way to do this is normally to run it through a grommet on the firewall (apply some lubricative spray to the cable to make it pass through the rubber easier) then inside the chassis rail all the way down to the trailer plug.

While you’re down there, remove the trailer plug and find the blue wire (service brake) and the red wire (brake), remove the current blue wire in the trailer plug and replace it with the black wire from the twin core cable. Then join the red wire in the trailer plug to the red wire from the twin core cable. Tape it back up and re-secure trailer plug to rear of car.

Now get the shorter piece of cable and run it through your firewall grommet to the battery area of your vehicle. Once the cables are all in place, join the cable at the TowPro as follows: 

  • Black from TowPro to red from battery
  • White from TowPro to black from battery
  • Red from TowPro to red from rear trailer cable
  • Blue from TowPro to black from rear trailer cable

Your cable that runs to your battery now needs to be connected and fused. To do this, run the black wire in the cable to any metal point on the vehicle or directly to the negative battery terminal, as this will earth the appliance. Run your red wire to the supplied 30A automatic reset circuit breaker.

Once that is completed, it is then time to mount the TowPro remote head. To do this find a suitable spot that has enough room behind it to fit the rear of the remote head. (To find a couple of options, look at others installs on google or Facebook forums)

Plug in remote head and test. To test push the remote head; if a blue light comes on then you’re all good to go. If no light comes on refer to the REDARC manual under their trouble shooting guides.